Body Wrap

Get Double Detox and Inch Loss Benefits with a

Sea Algae Body Wrap

in the

NEAR Infrared Sauna.

The NEAR Infrared Sauna boosts Metabolism, reduces visible cellulite and increases collagen and ellastin of the skin along with many other health benefits.(Learn more about the health benefits of the NEAR Infrared Sauna here)

Sea Algae hydrates the skin with minerals and enzymes. It stimulates circulation, invigorates skin tissue and improves skin’s elasticity. It is an excellent treatment during weight loss. This is the body wrap to use when you want a quick way to tone up skin. 1 ½ – 2 ½ hours is all you need for a slimmer body. With the exclusive inch loss formula, you will see and feel visible results. It’s a simple way to contour your body and lose inches and detox the body quickly.

We use it exclusively for inch loss & body shaping and combined with the ancient art of pressure wrapping to give visible results. Some people may experience inch loss and natural body toning of the skin as a result of this process. This spa product works to revitalize skin elastin, giving a more toned appearance. The appearance of cellulite may also improve. A course of 4 – 6 weekly treatments will give you maximum benefits, including greater inch loss and a better body shape when you follow our after-wrap instructions.

This treatment will give a terrific kick start to that diet if you need to lose a few pounds! It is ideal for all ages, men and women alike!

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