At Balanced Health & Fitness we believe in whole body wellness and balance.

Massage Therapy is known to relieve stress which is vital to improving daily life. It encourages relaxation which can assist the body to rest properly thus aiding in recovery and rejuvenation.

In today’s world where we may spend hours at a desk it is common to have the bad habit of poor posture; Massage can help. It can also help improve circulation caused by a sedentary lifestyle.

Massage aids in the relaxing of stressed muscles, lowering blood pressure and general relaxation. Massage is known to increase flexibility, relieve stress and pain from arthritis, increase range of motion, promote respiratory health and relieve headaches.

Along with relieving stress and increasing relaxation, massage also helps the body to absorb more oxygen into the tissues and organs. This greatly accelerates the rehabilitation process.

Combined with other detoxification procedures, such as the Detoxification Footbath, NEAR Infrared Sauna and the Sea Algae Body Wrap, Therapeutic Massage can give the body a powerful detoxification and rejuvenation.

Our Masseuses are certified in a number of traditional techniques.