Pillow Pow Therapy Party!

  • POW The “YUCK OUT” and *YUMMY* Yourself UP!!  Celebrate ALL PARTS of You NO MATTER WHAT!
  • Are you taking life so seriously, that it’s hard to just laugh it off?
  • Have those YUCKY Bull S#!T voices held you back?
  • At times, do you hold your breath and forget to breathe?
  • Does feeling stressed, frustrated, or anxious, get in the way of achieving your goals and dreams?
  • Are you finally ready to POW the Yuck OUT and Yummy Yourself UP?

Stress is the #1 killer of health, goals, orgasms & dreams!  Did you know those YUCKY negative (low energy) thoughts & habitual self-sabotaging behaviors are the result of stress toxins, hijacking your mind and body? How about turning UP your highest potential, which is inherently woven into the treasures of your Signature Empowered Essence? Are you ready to re-focus the wand of Your Energetic being & create your inspired life?!  If you thought “OH YES!” or even “Hmmmm I’m curious” it’s your time to have some fun playing Pillow Pow! Pow! Pow!…and create Infinite Possibilities!!

ExamplesOfStress Membership

Classes are scheduled as a series of four sessions that meet every other week, over a period of two months. We hold classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  If you would like us to schedule our next class series on a different day of the week, please let us know!  As a member, you receive added discounts on services and products.  You are considered a “member” whenever you are enrolled in a Pillow POW class series on the session listed below

SEPT/OCT Wednesday Series, 7:00pm to 8:30pm at a Private Aptos Residence, address provided at registration

  • Dates: Sept. 14, Oct. 5, Oct. 19 and Nov. 2

SEPT/OCT Thursday Series, 7pm to 8:30pm at Balanced Health and Fitness

  • Dates: Aug. 11, Aug. 18 and Aug. 31

Call (831) 234-2950 for the further class schedules!

What to Bring

BRING your POW (non-feather) pillow and an empty water bottle (so you can take home water charged with your positive manifesting intentions!!) Wear something comfortable that makes you feel yummy and allows for easy movement, like an exercise outfit or yoga pants. And yes, we will be having our shoes off during class.  You may also rent one at $4 (check or cash please).  All POW Pillows are washed and energetically blessed, loved and cleansed after each POW use.


POW spaces are limited so reserve early!  Make your payments online, otherwise, PLEASE show up 15 minutes EARLY with check or cash.

Series / Membership: $104    (4 classes for $26 per class)

Individual Classes: $35    (call for availability)

** Sign up for a series or bring a new guest, pay $26 per person for individual classes **


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