Hair Analysis begins with the removal of a hair strand taken from the back of the neck then processed by a certified lab for measurement of its mineral content.  When working with Balanced Health & Fitness you can expect 4 appointments (3x20min. + 1x60min.) + a complete booklet in a language that you’ll understand with viable information to incorporate exciting changes in your overall well-being.

Mineral Content of the hair reflects the mineral contents of the body’s tissues.  Minerals are the “spark-plugs” of life involved in almost all enzyme reactions within the body.  Trace minerals are essential in countless metabolic functions!!!

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(price does not include re-testing)

Sweetheart’s that play together DETOX together!
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Slow down, lay back, and relax enjoying the Winter Sauna Specials!!  The last day to enjoy this special is Saturday, March 19th.  For those that have enjoyed the Near Infrared Sauna starting Dec. 21st have been automatically entered to win a “Prayers for the water” CD by Heather Houston.  Seems the prayers are working!

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Not to mention the good ole’ fashion WORKOUT
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