Energy Shifting Healing

Science has linked negative beliefs (epigenetics) and emotions trapped in the body to disease and disorders.  Releasing these blocks through ThetaHealing has changed thousands of people’s lives, and it will change yours too.  ThetaHealing is a powerful energy modality used to dis-create disease and disorders in the body, and release blocked emotions and beliefs that suspend healing.  In ThetaHealing, we utilize the Theta wave brain state to facilitate healings.

Genea Avila is a skilled certified practitioner offering an in-depth medical intuitive read (body scans) giving a solid direction in the healing process. This work is done through the subconscious mind and the grace of the creative intelligence of the universe.  Transformations take place on the physical, mental and spiritual body. Through this work, many instantaneous healings have been witnessed. This modality is designed to work on the epigenetics and core beliefs, genetics, history and soul levels, allowing healing to take place back and forward in time.

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