BALANCED HEALTH & FITNESS was established in 2006 by Genea Avila, Certified Personal Trainer in Santa Cruz, to help people live longer, happier, healthier and leaner lives. Now BALANCED HEALTH & FITNESS has grown to a full service Wellness center.

BALANCED HEALTH & FITNESS is always adding Wellness services to better serve our clients.

Genea Avila, Founder and Owner of BALANCED HEALTH & FITNESS, decided to look into the world of toxins and how to safely rid the body of these poisons.

BALANCED HEALTH & FITNESS also offers Hair Analysis, which can reveal the toxins within the body and provide in depth information on mineral imbalances. The results are used to design a custom program to help your body get rid of any toxins and balance out your body system. These programs relieve many common alignments people suffer from daily including, but not limited to: Migraines and/or Headaches, Fatigue, Immune Deficiencies, PMS, Arthritis, Thyroid conditions, Diabetes, Anxiety and Depression.


    • One on One Personal Training Sessions with Certified Personal Trainers
    • The option to bring a friend, work out together and save money.
    • Individualized Strength, Cardio and Flexibility Program designed to get you the best possible results in the shortest amount of time
    • Before and After Fitness Assessments to measure your progress, avoid plateaus and make continuous improvement
    • Nutritional Evaluation
    • Detoxifying Foot Bath
    • NEAR Infrared Sauna
    • Sea-Algae Body Wrap
    • Hair Analysis