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  • “Absolutely amazing! She has been supportive & encouraging. There were always new exercises and routines Genea kept it all interesting and helped motivate me.”

    Vickie Assunto
  • “Genea’s personal style is kind, caring and relaxed. It helps me to be the same to myself – she also is willing to push me but always with a positive attitude.”

    Jon Givetz Psychologist
  • “Working with Genea was a positive  & fun experience. She motivated, coached and encouraged me to stretch my comfort level.”

    Bobbie Haver
  • Balanced Health and Fitness is a wonderful studio! I have been using their services now for a little over 6 months, with wonderful results! I started with the Hair Analysis. Genea was able to help pinpoint exactly what a lot of my health issues were and has assisted me with supplements and nutritional advice. She is also an excellent personal trainer. She keeps things fresh and challenging to avoid the usual plateaus. I have lost 30 pounds!!! I have also done the NEAR Infrared Sauna and Detoxifying Foot bath. It is incredible the way you feel afterwards…Just remember to drink a lot of water afterwards! One of my FAVORITE services is the Sea Clay Body wrap. It is a detox for your entire body and you do it in conjunction with the sauna. I had a photo shoot coming up and did it to smooth out my skin. What actually happened was a total of a 14 inch reduction over my body! Wow! I looked and felt great. Plus, I had the opportunity to meet Tina, another personal trainer there and the woman that does the body wraps. She’s great! And don’t even get me started on the acupuncture by Petra! I look forward to trying all of the services here! The owner, Genea, has done a wonderful job creating a retreat for the whole body and mind, and employed amazing, like-minded people. Together, they are the BEST WELLNESS FACILITY in Santa Cruz County! They have a customer for life in me!”

    Donya Scharping
  • “For the last eight years I have been very sick, being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and a Thyroid condition. My health, weight, and energy level has greatly fluctuated during this time. I have consulted with many doctors who have not been able to help get my health in the right direction. I had lost hope… So, when I came to Genea last year I was just hoping to get my body moving again. But, what happened instead was a miracle! I slowly began with workout sessions and then progressed to the hair analysis testing, diet/meal planning, supplements, footbaths and sauna treatments. Each month I began to feel better and my energy level has risen as high as it was eight years ago. I have lost over twenty pounds and my husband is having a hard time keeping up with me! I am even using less insulin. Thank you Genea for giving me hope again!”

    Esther Morlos
  • “Balanced Health & Fitness has been such a saving grace for my health. The owner, Genea Avila, encouraged me to take a hair mineral analysis test so she could know exactly what was happening with my health. Then she said she could tailor a real program to help me achieve results…which she definitely has. To my surprise my thyroid was off, as well as my adrenals and was glucose intolerant along with a few smaller imbalances. Through various detoxing machines, nutrition, supplements and some lifestyle changes I will be able to bring my body back into balance and hopefully will not have to be on synthetic hormones for the rest of my life. That’s amazing!!! After seeing so many girlfriends and colleagues flounder in their endless dieting, I feel so lucky to have such a partner in my health.  If you are searching for a real coach for a healthy lifestyle, you don’t have to search any further….CALL GENEA.”

    Kim Holloway
  • When I met Christina, I was unhappy about the amount of weight that I had gained.  I told her that I needed to lose a lot of weight. She was very supportive with my problem.   She created an easy to follow program for me that was fun.  This program included weights and toning exercises that I did three times a week.  Christina also recommended low impact aerobics including walking, swimming, and easy treadmill.  She helped me to make dietary changes that included drinking plenty of water, and make simple healthy choices.   When I began the program, I could only do 10 min. on the treadmill.  Christina encouraged me to keep trying when I wanted to give up!  Today, I can do 40 minutes on the treadmill; I have lost over 100 pounds, and I feel great!  Christina gave me a certificate of accomplishment to show my family for losing over 100 pounds!”

  • “I suffered from chronic work stress for five years until I started to work with Lily. After  the first session I immediately began to feel better about my life and my health because I knew that this was a going to help me. I look forward to every session and always leave feeling uplifted, relaxed, refreshed, and pampered. Thank you for showing me the way!!”

    Kelly Hurwitz
  • “After the birth of my fourth child I was able to reach my greatest level of fitness and health with Lily’s help. She was able to help my healing, provide tremendous stress relief and soothe my aches and pains while I began my training for triathlon races. I am ever grateful for her encouragement and nourishment!”

    Karyn Cornell
  • “In working with  Lily I am finally able to walk without a limp in my gate and stand to my full potential!”

    James Zieger